Selling material to us – the process

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Sorting and Grading

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Sending material to us

Selling material to us – the process.

Note: When sending material to us, please make sure to include a packing list with the following information, as a minimum:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Payment preference

Selling material to us – the process

In order to ensure material is sorted as efficiently as possible, any material sent to us is required to be sorted prior. Any material that arrives unsorted, will incur a sorting cost based on the final value of the material.

Please note: Higher grade RAM and CPUs must be kept separate from electronic scrap and packaged to ensure they are not damaged during transit.

We operate a reverse charging process when purchasing material. This operates in the following manner:

  • Material is sent to us. A packing slip is included stating the name, contact information and preferred payment method is included. If multiple packages are sent, please include a reference in each.
  • Once received, the sorted fractions are weighed. Any unsorted material is sorted (charges may apply).
  • A goods receipt note is then issued to the sender stating the final weight and value of each fraction. Payment is then made, usually be BACs.