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Sorting and Grading

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Sending material to us

Selling material to us – the process.

Note: When sending material to us, please make sure to include a packing list with the following information, as a minimum:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Payment preference

Purchase Price of Electronic Scrap

Price list (EURO/GBP) 04/02/2019
Higher Value RAM Price list (EURO/GBP) 04/02/2019

Purchase Prices/Payout Rates are based on material delivered to our address and sorted into the below categories. If the material arrives  unsorted a small fee will be deducted from the total values of the material as a sorting fee.

 On arrival, the material is sorted (if necessary) and each fraction weighed. An email will then be sent out detailing the breakdown of the scrap supplied and confirmation that your payment has been sent via your preferred choice of payment.

For smaller lots of material, prepayment via PayPal can be organised.

We buy from both commercial and private.

CB1ACircuit Board Class 1A13.311.5
CB1BCircuit Board Class 1B7.96.8
SERVServer Motherboard54.3
MBLALaptop Motherboard7.96.8
MBOIOld Gen Intel Motherboards5.44.7
MBOAOld Gen AMD Motherboards54.3
MBOWOld Gen Motherboards w/ metal attachment1.11
MBO4Old Gen Motherboards socket 462 and 4233.83.3
MBNPNew Gen Motherboards Pinned CPU3.83.3
MBNUNew Gen Motherboards Unpinned CPU2.42.1
MBNWNew Gen Motherboards w/ metal attachment1.11
SLWAGrade A Slot-in Card w/o metal attachment7.96.8
SLWBGrade B Slot-in Card w/o metal attachment54.3
SLWCGrade C Slot-in Card w/o metal attachment1.31.1
CB2ACircuit Board Class 2A4.64
CB2BCircuit Board Class 2B2.52.2
CB3ACircuit Board Class 3A1.181.02
CB3BCircuit Board Class 3B0.30.3
MPBOMobile Phone Board21.918.9
HDDBHDD Board14.512.5
CDBOCD/DVD/Floppy Drive Board7.16.1
BBOAServer Backer Board Grade A9.58.2
BBOBServer Backer Board Grade B6.25.4
BBOCServer Backer Board Grade C3.83.3
BBODServer Backer Board Grade D54.3
GFWOGold Fingered RAM w/o metal attachment28.524.7
GFRWGold Fingered RAM w/ metal attachment9.58.2
SFWOSilver Fingered RAM 13.711.9
FCWOPlastic fibre CPU w/o pins w/ copper heatsink7.56.5
ICCBCeramic/Plastic IC Chips9.58.2
ICCACeramic w/ gold inlay IC Chips102.888.9
CPCHCeramic CPU w/ gold inley (Intel 286/386/486)185.3160.3
CCWOPinless Ceramic CPU5.44.7
CLCACeramic CPU w/ aluminium heatsink5043.3
CPCMCeramic CPU w/ gold cap102.888.9
CPCACeramic CPU w/o gold cap and aluminium heatsink69.860.4
CPCLCeramic Pentium I/AMD w/o gold cap or inlay80.569.6
PCPDPlastic Desktop CPU w/o copper heatsink attached 33.529
PCPLPlastic Laptop CPU w/o copper heatsink attached25.221.8
FCPWPlastic fibre CPU w/ pins w/ copper heatsink10.89.3
BCPUBlack fibre CPU (Intel Pentium MMX) 83.872.5
CPSLSlot-in Processor/CPU3126.8
CSLSSlot-in Server Processor/CPU1210.4
GPCCComputer connectors with gold plated pins 0.60.5
IDCRConnectors from flat IDE Cable0.80.7
PCUCMulti-coloured cable from power supply 1.81.6
CC40Copper Cable 40%1.21
CC60Copper Cable 60%2.42.1
HDWOWhole HDD w/o attachments10.9
HDDWWhole HDD w/ attachments0.80.7
CHWHWhole CD/DVD/Floppy Drives0.10.1
PSWCPower supply w/ cable0.30.3
PSWOPower supply w/o cable0.10.1
EPWCExternal power supply w/ cable00
EPWOExternal power supply w/o cable00
BBOEServer Backer Board Grade E##