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Sorting and Grading

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Sending material to us

Selling material to us – the process.

Note: When sending material to us, please make sure to include a packing list with the following information, as a minimum:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Payment preference

Green Flame Recycling – Circuit Board Electronic Scrap Recycling Service based in the UK and Ireland

With precious metals at an all time high, Green Flame Recycling purchase all types of electronic scrap that contain precious metals. No minimum quantity and pay top prices for material.

We cater for all types of customers from individuals to large commercial operations that generate large volumes of material. We purchase all types of electronic scrap including the following:

  • Laptop, Computer or Server Motherboards.
  • Whole hard-drives (HDD) as well as the individual boards.
  • Slot cards from both computers and servers.
  • RAM Memory of all types.
  • Lower grade boards from consumer electronics.

The above is just a small selection of the material that we purchase, for a full list, please our purchase price page here. This is updated regularly. If the material that you are looking to sell is not currently listed, please get in contact, providing a several photos of the material and we will revert back with a price as soon as possible.

In addition to this, we purchase RAM and CPU’s that still have a market value as working components. These items are purchased for greater than their scrap value for further testing. For further information, please refer the appropriate page. In order for material to fall into this category they must be physically undamaged and already separated from the scrap fractions.

To offer customers the best rates, we generally operate on a mail-in basis, but can cater for drop-ins with prior notice.

We have no minimum purchase quantity.

For further information on how to sell material to Green Flame Recycling please refer here.