Green Flame Recycling

Precious Metal Recovery Experts Specialising In Electronic Scrap

Prices correct as of 04/02/2019

What We Do

We purchase all types of electronic scrap equipment and components in any condition. All equipment is assesed and either further tested and refurbished, or it goes on to be responsibly recycled, where all valuable components are extracted. This allows us to offer top payout rates for all types of scrap.

Types of Material Purchased

We purchase electronic scrap (WEEE) from both private and commercial sources and have no minimum quantity. In particular, we are currently buying the following:

  • Outdated Telecommunications Equipment
  • Whole Scrap Computers, all types of scrap computer boards.
  • Whole Laptops and also all types of scrap laptop boards.
  • Scrap Mobile phones (with and without batteries).

For a full list of material that we purchase please see our purchase price page here. If you have any type of material or electronic scrap that is not listed, please contact us for a custom quote.

Payment Options

For small lots of material, payment is usually made via PayPal on reciept of pictures of the material. We also provide a reverse-charge service, whereby on reciept of material, it is sorted, if necessary into each fraction (occurring a slight charge), then each fraction is weighed and valued. A report on the break-down of the weights of each fraction is emailed to the customer, along with conformation of payment via the method chosen.

In most cases, separating the material into each fraction before sending it to us, allows us to process the material quickly and efficiently. We strive to sort all material on it’s day of arrival. As a result, payment is normally made on the day it arrives at our facility. For large lots, scrap material can be inspected prior to payment.

All material is processed in an environmentally friendly way and complies with all legal requirements. If secure destruction of hard drives and other components is neccessary please contact us. We provide both on and off site secure destruction of hard drives.

If you, or your business produce electronic scrap, please see our current payout rates below.